We create beautiful RETREATS with purpose and vibrant wellness integration to physically & energetically support “Star Family”. Our RETREATS are often held In Arizona, California, Mexico {Baja California}, Hawaii, New Mexico & Southern Florida.  RETREATS are designed with nurturing  innovation, romantic soul inspiration and tailored to exceed expectations.

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We are the STAR FAMILY WELLNESS innovators in the personal life coaching industry known for our rapid results that lead to the mastery of happiness success transformation. From all natural health solutions to fearless business success & “5~Star” relationships with all of life, we transform your personal life “canvas” into breathtaking life results.

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We are a “full service” STAR FAMILY WELLNESS education provider whose speciality is the ultimate transformation experience of bringing new concepts to life. We offer unparalleled education experiences in personal retreats, coaching & classes,  From fun topics such as beauty secrets for the goddess soul to organic healthy recipes to sacred portals of manifestations, the “Wowzer” energy is abundantly present in all teachings & trainings.  

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About Us

As neighboring health & wellness businesses grow, making your awesome life presence known becomes more and more crucial everyday. We design peaceful STAR FAMILY WELLNESS life enhancement pieces and places that will encourage interest in your human & soul journey . Take the opportunity to express your individual wellness journey to new heights so that you can integrate & capitalize on the results that you deserve.








All of our books that we personally recommend at STAR FAMILY WELLNESS support the retreats, coaching, classes, trainings and teachings. 

We specialize in cutting edge conscious awareness via the “Written Word” to provide our clients breathtaking modern manifestation solutions to their human and soul life expression.

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Our main artist, Catalina Angel, is a rare breed thoroughly trained in energy enhancing 1~Of~A~Kind canvas art for healthy home and business environments + design processes. She is an expert with soul energy signatures that give the inspiration for complimenting  existing structures as a main focus with the art.


Our Vision

We have the star vision and experience of transforming your life into breathtaking wellness with fun & flair. We transform lives into new realities with efficient planning and seamless cohesion each and every time.

We bring our talents to the forefront in creating unique and inventive wellness that combine the elements of sacredness with all of life. 



Our Star Family Wellness Team is innovative, iconic and tailored to exceed expectations. From personal health to major overhauls of life transformation, our team has the experience and dedication to bring your new level of wellness to life.

By using a variety of established STAR FAMILY WELLNESS techniques and “Tools” that complement your life into a new enhanced space, we deliver interesting and innovative results, time and time again.

Our Location

Our work at STAR FAMILY WELLNESS has stood out in many health & wellness industries for its 1~on~1 presonalized attention during retreats, coaching sessions, educational classes & trainings. Providing captivating appeal with SHINING BRILLIANCE while WE BRING WELLNESS TO LIFE.   We take the best of any situation or circumstance  and integrate the win~win~win concepts and scenerios that produce the best results.

Stop in today for a free consultation! Let us show you how we can do more for you than anyone else.

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