Catalina began her art journey career in the 3rd grade at Rita Cannon Elementary School in Reno, Nevada inside Mrs. Griffith’s classroom where she entered the National Wildlife Contest.  All she did was pick up a set of colored markers and designed a beautiful butterfly.  She won 3rd place in the entire elementary school that ranged from kinder~garden through 6th grade.

Skip forward 20 years later Catalina was struggling with how to earn a living in life.  So she prayed to God and asked for a trade that she could do in order to earn money.  Within 1 month of that prayer, Catalina who had not ever taken any kind of art class, was producing bright & catchy signage and grand murals that normally take someone being able to achieve after 20 years of practice. 

This occurred during 1998 when she moved to a new residence and did an informal mentoring very quickly with someone who had been in that particular trade business for over 20 years.  She was paid good money while mentoring for 1 month plus was naturally great at marketing and selling the bright & catchy signage and grand murals to businesses like furniture stores, book stores, car dealerships & restaurants. 

In 2008 the financial landscape of the United States shifted and Catalina’s inner soul guidance then started producing inspirational art paintings on canvas.

From there, out rolled the prolific gallery of art that is still continually being upgraded today as Catalina’s soul consciousness awareness is on an epic journey of creative design that derives from divine inspiration. 

Embracing the qualities of exquisite child~like happiness, fun, joy and enthusiasm while expressing natural multi~dimensional soul rhythms at the same time provides the creativity back~drop of the art.

Then add in the alchemy of experienced human artist whose mastery gifts of hand custom paintings brings “rare~breed” energy to the table for many home & business environments to receive. 

Sometimes Catalina combines natural crystal gemstones for a specific amplification of wellness energy plus she will often share a story about an art piece that makes the art shopping experience more fun !!!

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