I am catalina angel ~ i assist entrepreneurs To stop drinking alcohol with love !


YES Darlings ~~~ this is your next step to freedom!

As a being who fully achieved & anchored this success in 2009 I am well~seasoned with assisting you with love to transform into your next level of success in your life journey.

So it is not like I am fresh off the boat of no drinking of alcohol of any kind ~~~ like some.

I have actually sustained this glorious piece of self love for 14 years now.

For me I enjoy to work with people who actually walk the true walk rather than just talk the talk.

There are many, many successful entrepreneurs out there who are fabulous with money, health & family relationship success ~ yet are still celebrating or getting relief from a hard day of work with alcohol cocktails, beer, margaritas, champagne and wine.


There are whole new levels of growth and new transformational love doorways open when you are committed.

Yes, I teeter/tottered with this in the early 2000’s and that was because I was slowly edging alcohol out of my own life.

When I made the full committed decision to stop hanging around people who drink alcohol…………..my life soared tremendously……..despite it was a lonely path……..I choose it anyway.

Because I knew on the inside of my soul self I was not alone.

Despite how others perceived me as a beautiful woman on the outside who was alone.

I felt I deserved more.

And I did ~~~ I even went as far clearing all drugs (legal and illegal out of my physical body temple too because I wanted to be a pure vessel ~ finished that in 2014).

That achievement in 2014 was a holistic detox celebration of where my physical & light body healed from thyroid medicine that was prescribed to me as a child.

2015 I completed the task of upgrading my teeth with the removing the last bit of metal (even the Tooth Fairy would not accept those 2 old metal based crowns ~ LoL !)

Plus upgraded old fillings with light colored amethyst gemstone ~ teeth have felt great since!

I achieved all this with PURE LOVE !

Now it is your turn to receive support as a successful entrepreneur who is ready for the transformational doorway of LOVE minus the alcohol.

The name of my business is Star Family Wellness.

Yes, my real and legal name is Catalina Angel (banking * drivers license * passport)

Yes, I hold all my all natural beauty well ~ skin (no make-up) ~ hair all natural blonde ( no colors or dyes or chemicals ).

My hair is naturally highlighted with the sunlight pure vitamin D.

Yes, I am artistic with flair ~ culinary arts ~ fabulous with painting ~ restorative ballet * yoga * tai~chi * qigong * sacred dance too !!!

I have also been an entrepreneur most of my entire life.

However, I also did achieve 2 college degrees in Arizona.

A.A. in Liberal Arts from Chandler~Gilbert Community College

B.A. in Performance Arts from Arizona State University

Yes, I have also achieved professional classic modeling~spokes modeling & acting jobs too (theatrical & television).

Graduated 5 years of study with A Course In Miracles by the time I was 23 years of age with Reverend Helen Herzog in Mesa, Arizona.

Invested & studied with many other folks too who are better than me in other areas of life…….always wanted to stay on top of my own game.

Applied science (love universal quantum mathematics too)+ spirituality + holistic healing arts + love together = fabulous alchemical combination.

Now that you know enough about my love journey of success ( I wrote that because I want you to feel comfortable with who you would be assisting you ).

What I offer is:::

* Personalized love nurturing 1~on~1 sessions.

* Educational Group sessions for corporate and or families.

* Retreats that are held~in 1st Class / 5 Star supportive environments.

Similar to an airplane flight choice where they offer economy class * business class * 1st class seating.

I offer 3 tiers:::

1} Sterling Silver Packages

2} Glorious Gold Packages

3} VIP Diamond Packages

Who are my sessions and packages NOT FOR:

* The town drunk

* Those who are fully committed to drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs (legal or illegal) for escapism.

* Those who are mind~set locked into thinking and feel celebrating with alcohol is super cool.

Who are my sessions and packages FOR:

* Those who are tired of the “same~ole same~ole” celebrating with alcohol.

* Those families or corporate groups who want to achieve more healthy holistic environments minus the alcohol being served.

( I even provide this kind of service for those who are getting married and don’t want to serve their guests alcohol ) !

* Those who really appreciate quality * compassionate *and can comfortably afford supportive 1st class / 5~star environments as a back drop for personal retreats.

Best ~ Catalina